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        We are a registered Non Profit organization.


To develop responsible adults,  beginning at the Junior High level, using progressive and educational methods.  The continued, direct result of our educational efforts, is the preservation of innocent lives. 


The eradication of the preventable, violent act of drunk, distracted and destructive driving.

 This Lady's name is Jacqueline Saburido.  She is a true American hero.  The bravest of the brave. Her powerful story and  timeline, will forever  be on our site. See it by clicking  this link  Victim Impact Fund

T.A.D.D. announces a partnership with the founder of M.A.D.D., Ms. Candace Lightner, and her new nonprofit venture, www.wesavelives.org. 

Ms. Lightner called the Founder and President of T.A.D.D., WIlliam M. Piecuch, Jr., after seeing a story in Florida, about T.A.D.D.'S Victim Impact Fund. Ms. Lightner commented about the Victim Fund by saying... "what a wonderful program". Mr. Piecuch reacted to the program endorsement by saying..."high praise about our critical program, coming from such a well respected person like Ms. Lightner, is like having Pearl Jam, or the Rolling Stones calling a garage band, to tell them they loved one of their songs!"

Ms. Lightner  also called to ask Mr. Piecuch if T.A.D.D would be interested in partnering up with her new venture, www.wesavelives.org. Naturally Mr. Piecuch said yes!

To see what Ms. Lightner suggests is "a wonderful program", click here to go to our Victim Impact Fund page.  After reviewing the critical program, hopefully you will also agree with Ms. Lightner, that T.A.D.D.'S Victim Impact Fund is indeed "a wonderful program. You or your company can partner with T.A.D.D., as Ms. Candace Lightner has, and help us reach the thousands of victims all across the nation. You can also donate by simply clicking any of the yellow DONATE buttons on any of our pages. Your donation of a running vehicle, or cash, will help get medicine, transportation, loss income, medical expenses, and sadly yes, funeral expenses, to hundreds of victims, that so urgently need our help today. We are ever expanding the areas in which your donation will impact.

   Leading the Nation, in the development of responsible Teens.

"Together, our combined efforts and resources, can and will reach many teens. Together we will save lives, while developing smarter and more responsible adults. Our combined efforts will also help the victims of these senseless, preventable acts of violence. Sharing the stage does not lessen the illumination of our candle, it broadens horizons and understanding through collaborative efforts; hopefully to greater opportunities for the communities we serve. We desperately need to educate our children about the responsibilities of driving... long before they get behind the wheel!"   -- William Michael Piecuch, Jr., Founder and President of T.A.D.D.

Contact us today, to discuss how your company, foundation or group, can help bring attention to our life saving, highly endorsed, education program, as well as our new, Victim Impact Fund, to all of America.  
You can also help today by simply clicking on any 
DONATE button, on any of our pages.

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