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Safe Driving Planner

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Turn To Safe Driving", daily planner and study guide program.

Every teen driver should receive drunk driving education to make them more aware of the dangers. That is why Teens Against Drunk Driving offers a proven, highly endorsed educational tool, in the form of a safe driving daily planner and study guide. Our Turn On To Safe Driving program, educates young drivers on their responsibility behind the wheel for their safety, their passengers safety and the safety of and everyone around them through our teen driving safety program.
The educational materials that have gone into our safe driving planner are the result of input from numerous experienced educators, nonprofit organizations, government officials, and private companies whose focus is on dealing with the teen driving safety issues.

The planner also stresses goal setting and achievement. Every four weeks, students are encouraged to list four goals they will achieve within a four week window. They will also list the things that will need to be done, ( a TTD list) to accomplish the goals. At the end of every week, the students review the progress of their 4 week goals, with their parents and/or chosen teacher or counselor.

After each set of four week goals are accomplished, the student feels more in control of their future. The student becomes more confident, more organized, more self-assured. This is a perfect way for a student to enter their next year of schooling.

Safe Driving Planner Contents:

Punctuation Rules, Points of Grammar, Fractions / Decimals & Percents, Common Formulas & Terms,  a specific page for goal setting and ttd list to accomplish the goals. The Goals page appears every 4 weeks, along with inspiring stories, disturbing stories, and facts about the dangers of destructive driving. And much more.
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